Air Compressor Working Principle

Air compressors are of many types here we discuss some of them and their working principle.

air compressor

Piston-Type Oil-Free Air Compressor Unit

Piston by the oil-free air compressor drive system, compression system, cooling system, lubrication system, control system and security system.

Compressors and motors bolted to the base, the base with anchor bolts fixed on the basis.

During operation, the motor directly drives the crankshaft through the coupling and drives the connecting rod, the cross head and the piston rod so that the piston reciprocates in the cylinder of the compressor to complete the process of inhalation, compression and discharge.

The machine is a double-acting compressor, that is, the piston up and down the air intake, compression and discharge.

Screw Air Compressors

Screw air compressor driven by the screw head, the motor, oil separator barrel, the cooling system, air conditioning system, lubrication system, and a valve control system components.

The machine is installed in a box, self-contained, directly on the flat cement floor can be, without the need to anchor bolts on the foundation.

Screw head is a kind of double-axis displacement rotary compressor head. 1 pair of high-precision main (male), sub (female) rotor mounted horizontally and parallel inside the chassis, the main (male) rotor has 5 teeth, while the Vice (negative) rotor has 6 teeth. The main rotor diameter, deputy rotor diameter is small.

Tooth formation spiral, both inter meshing. Both ends of the main rotor and the auxiliary rotor are respectively positioned by bearings.

Working motor directly through the coupling (or belt) with the main rotor, the two rotors inter mesh with each other, the main rotor directly driven with the deputy rotor rotation.

The coolant is sprayed directly into the rotor meshing part from the nozzle at the lower part of the compressor housing and mixes with the air to remove the heat generated by the compression to achieve the cooling effect.

At the same time, a liquid film is formed to prevent direct contact between the rotor and the metal and to close the gap between the rotor and the casing.


Sprayed coolant also reduces the noise generated by high-speed compression.

The main components of screw air compressor screw head, oil and gas separation barrel. Screw head suction through the suction filter and the intake control valve, while the oil injected into the air compression chamber, the head cooling, sealing and screw and bearing lubrication, the compression chamber produces compressed air.

After compression,  OR best portable air compressor  resulting gas-oil mixture is discharged into the oil-gas separation tank. Most of the oil is separated from the oil-gas mixture due to mechanical centrifugal force and gravity.

Air passes through the oil and gas separation cartridge made of borosilicate glass fiber and almost all of the oil mist is separated. The oil separated from the oil separator is returned to the screw head through the return pipe.

The oil return pipe is equipped with oil filter, oil return through the oil filter, the clean oil flow back to the screw head. After the oil is separated, the compressed air leaves the reservoir through the minimum pressure control valve and enters the after cooler.

After the cooler cooling the compressed air discharged to the gas tank for each gas unit. Condensation of water concentrated in the gas tank, through automatic drainage or manual discharge.