Advantages Of Sewing Clothes Yourself

sewing clothes

Sew Clothes Yourself

Tailoring yourself is not just a fad, but also has a decades-old tradition. More and more housewives are nowadays creating a sewing machine to be able to sew their own clothes.

The modern sewing machines also make it easy to produce household textiles and clothing for themselves and the family quickly and inexpensively.

For example, you can quickly sew new trousers or make beautiful deco textiles for your home with your Best Sewing Machine with a few simple steps. Often you can download matching patterns for free on the Internet. Especially if you are sewing are beginners, can greatly facilitate the work.

It is best, of course, to attend a sewing course to get started. There you will be shown the basic handles so you can easily sew your own clothes.

Advantages Of Own Sewing Machine

The reasons to buy a sewing machine and become a designer for home use can of course be very diverse. For example, you might want to sew a handbag or sew children’s clothing. This is a great idea and you have some noteworthy advantages:

Advantage 1: Customized Clothing

If the clothes that you find in stores, not your own ideas meet, never fit or you want to save some money, because, for example your children as soon as outgrow things, you can simply sew the parts themselves.

Advantage 2: Special Dimensions Are No Problem

The same applies to household textiles such as pillowcases, tablecloths or bed linen. For example, today there are so many different types of pillows that finding a suitable cover quickly becomes a gauntlet. Sometimes you have to sew a pillow case yourself.

Advantage 3: Realize Your Own Wishes

Often, the things that one images in the retailer just cannot get. And you also have to make something unusual yourself. If you use a tailor, it will be replaced by your own sewing machine today. Do not wonder, fabrics are cheap to get and the working hours of a tailor remove expensive.

Self-Tailoring Is Easier Than You Think

Of course you need a small amount of expertise to tailor the most beautiful models yourself. For example, you should know which substance is suitable for what or what stitch is used and when. In addition, you must therefore familiarize, with a pattern deal. But these are all things that you get taught in a quick sewing course. But that’s not all, because of course it’s also important to put the knowledge into action.

Sewing gifts is also a good pastime and makes friends and relatives happy.

Tailoring For The Whole Family

Having your own sewing machine makes it possible to replace the tailor for your children, your husband, relatives, acquaintances and friends. Of course, that saves a lot of money. Repairs to garments are so child’s play. Over time, you will be able to show so much skill that you will be able to sew a pair of trousers without any major problems.

Nice Hobby With A Great Side Effect

When you come to the party in a self-sewn dress and are asked again and again by which designer this enchanting ensemble comes from, you will know what you have to sewing machine for at home. After all, you can hardly get a better praise. However, it can also happen that the next visitor admires the self-sewn curtains and wants to know in which specialist shop you have commissioned them. Sewn by yourself! There is always a great answer, especially if you realize that your guest would like to place an order.

If you enjoy it, you might even be able to earn some nice pocket money.

So, as you can see, it’s not that hard to sew your own clothes. With the right sewing machine and a little patience, you will soon be wearing your own collection and can make your loved one or the other homemade gift.

10 years young boys haircuts

10 years old boy haircuts

10 Years Old Boy Haircuts

A lot of mothers are so attached to their sons’ hair – which used to grow so sparsely – in the past. With us it was just the time and leisure for such an important project as a new hairstyle!

But no matter where the hesitation comes from, when the blond curtain finally hangs over your eyes everything does not help. The summer surfer mat must go!

I’ve heard that mothers often work with scissors themselves on other children’s scissors. I do not dare – although I was allowed to cut my friends’ hair during my studies in Berlin. But with little boy hairstyles that’s such a thing … there just has to be a real pro!

Besides, I do not want to get the idea that haircutting is a great place to work at home. One afternoon a daughter was playing with her daughter in the nursery with her friend, and no one noticed when she suddenly fell silent for twenty minutes … Suspicious! After that both presented their very experimental short hairstyles.

The thing is clear, the hairdressing appointment is over, now we need inspiration! I have found some sweet classics that work for different hair types and guarantee an elegant appearance at any time.

These are the most beautiful hairstyles for little boys

Pot Cut Light

The pot cut is a classic and the only hairstyle that really only looks good on little boys! Since many of them still have very straight hair in kindergarten age, it usually comes down to a pony. The very strict pot cut is then cut around the same length (as if you had put a pot, hence the name). The hair is shorter at the nape of the neck, sometimes even slightly shaved. I like this here selected more modern variant.

Sweet Guys Cuts

A sweet cut for guys with first locks could look like this. He is cut around the same length at the height of the pony. However, it is not as strict as to top cut and is not cut out around the ears. The light waves make this boy hairstyle nice and soft.

Side Vertices’s

If a little boy has a whirl in his hair, so that a vertex is possible – great! An apex looks always very neat and tidy (that knows even the little Prince George!). In this case, the hair is cut at the back of the neck and the front hair can be left to a little longer and then combed to the side.

Prince Iron Heart With Waves

Similar to the pot cut hairstyle, the Prince Iron Heart cut has a rather bad reputation. Completely wrong, I think! At the front he has a pony and at the back the hair is cut long to about the chin length. With curly hair, this is a really cute boy haircut!

Cool Surfers

This long haircut would be my personal favorite, probably because of the daddy has a similar hairstyle too … The hair is longer at the back. The shortest hair forward reaches to the cheekbone. The hairstyle is only suitable for slightly larger (school) boys, because when you are romping on the playground, the hair just bothers him and he would be constantly busy to delete the “curtain” from sight.

Tim and Stropping

I see a lot of this cut in kindergarten. He is very handy when the boy has a bit of curls and structure in his hair, so they are automatically a bit uptight. If they get longer, a little more gel will be needed. The boy hairstyle can even be cut almost exclusively with the long-hair razor.

The Non-Allergic Cats For Allergy Sufferer

non allergic cats

Cats For Allergy Sufferers

You would love to have a little kitty for petting and loving, but the friend or the child has a cat hair allergy. After all, every person suffers from an animal allergy. But the Non Allergic Cats luck does not have to stand in the way.

First of all, it’s not the hair that many respond to with sneezing, rash, itchy eyes, watery eyes, or swelling of the eyelids. They are proteins (so-called allergens like the Fel d 1) that are found in the dander, saliva and tears of cuddly tigers. Due to the intensive grooming of cats, they get on the coat and hair loss in the air, on the sofa, on the clothes and finally in the nose.

Despite perfect hygiene: the contamination cannot be prevented one hundred percent, but only reduced to a minimum. Anyone wishing to have a tiger tucked into the home despite having an allergic nose will therefore be better advised to flirt with special breeds that naturally have few to no allergens. Because: Yes, there are cats for allergy sufferers!

  1. German Rex cat / Cornish Rex / Selkirk Rex

The Rex cat is said to produce fewer proteins than other cat breeds and lose less coat. Therefore, it is ideal for allergy sufferers. She is very active and adorable. In addition, they are the cheapest among allergy-friendly tigers.

  1. Sphinx cat

The nude cat, born without fur, not only produces less allergens, but also wears no hair overalls on which she could distribute them.

  1. Siberian cat

The half-long hair cat is a cuddly water rat – which facilitates the regular cleaning and release of allergens on the coat.

  1. Bengal cat

Also, the Bengal cat is one of the breeds, in which a lower allergen production is proven. She is an American tabby bred from a wildcat and a domestic cat. The Bengal is therefore very active and freedom-loving.

  1. Allergic cat

The American-bred Allergic cats are said to stop producing the allergenic protein. Therefore, it is one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Generally, allergy sufferers should choose female or alternatively neutered kittens. They form less Fel d 1 than male, potent hangovers. In addition, younger cats develop less allergens than sexually mature baby tigers, hangovers are generally more allergenic than cats, short-haired cats allergen than half and long-haired cats, and black and dark have more allergens than light-haired representatives.

However, here too, a petting kit that works like an antihistamine with an anti-snuff guarantee does not exist. Since only one helps, if the cat dream is to come true without a rude awakening: sucking, sucking, and sucking.

Useful tips for a niesfreien household

“Do I have to keep the apartment especially clean if sweetheart is allergic?” Yes. It is not a cure for animal hair allergy. But the fewer hairs fly around, the less allergens can get into your nose and eyes. A good vacuum cleaner is therefore the nuts and bolts to tackle the stubborn coat on clothing, couch and floor textiles. The renunciation of carpet and replacement by laminate, parquet, tiles simplifies cleaning. In addition, special hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners are available with a HEPA filter.

In addition, there are allergen-impermeable duvet covers (because even a prohibition of cats in the bedroom does not protect against brought cat hair in bed).

Miezi can also be washed with a special allergy shampoo that removes allergenic dandruff, sweat, saliva and urine in the coat and deep cleanses it. However, the beloved four-legged about this, unsurprisingly, will be anything but pleased.

The best prevention against sneezing, eye itching & Co. is the so-called Taster Test. BEFORE purchasing, mind you. For this, ask the breeder or the shelter if you can visit the desired velvet paw in advance to see if you get a runny nose and / or itchy eyes after getting in contact with her.

Do you react allergic and in which intensity?

Allergists know the advice and, in addition to suitable therapies (such as an individual hypo sensitization, which is to make immune against exactly the hair of your kitty) also recommend other hypoallergenic cat (as allergy cat are also called) fit individually.

Why The Proxy Server Lost The Connection?

proxy server

Why The Proxy Server Denies The Connection?

If you receive the error message, Proxyserver also denies the i.p. address, If you receive the error message “it means that Proxy server is denying the connection,” it shows that something is getting wrong in configuration. You can change this under Windows in Control Panel or, in some cases, as a Firefox user in your browser.

Causes And Solutions For Denying Of The Connection

If you have mistakenly set the proxy server to the wrong setting, even though you may not use any proxies at all, you may experience problems loading websites.

Before doing so, make sure that you have installed an extension in your browser, such as Foxy Proxy site, which automatically makes changes to the settings. If errors occur, you should deactivate such extensions first.

Open the Control Panel. Press the Windows key, tap “Control Panel” and click on the appropriate entry. Go to the “Network and Internet” menu and then “Internet Options”.

Firefox: Websites are not loading because the proxy server is denying the connection

For Firefox users, it can sometimes happen that the proxy settings change after an update. Follow the steps below to solve the problem.

Start Firefox and open the settings in “Tools”.

Switch to “Advanced” and in the “Network” tab, in the “Connections” section, click on “Settings …”

Then check the box next to “Use system proxy settings”.

An Introduction About Proxy Server

proxy servers

Proxy / proxy server

A proxy is a service that serves as a cache within a network to service accesses to always the same data and files from memory.

The term proxy refers to a server or service running on a server. The proxy service is a program that works in the background on a server.

Proxy means proxy. In the simplest case it is a kind of cache for websites. He accepts requests from clients and evaluates them. As a representative, he forwards the request to the Internet.

The returned data is stored by the proxy before forwarding. In the case of another request for the same destination, the data is not downloaded from the Internet, but sent directly from the proxy memory to the recipient. In this way, traffic to the Internet is saved. This reduces costs and increases bandwidth for other applications.

Standard Proxy

The clients do not send their access directly to the internet, but to the proxy. This server acts as a mediator to connect to the web server. Frequent Internet pages or downloads then no longer need to be re-transmitted over the Internet, but can be sent directly from the proxy server to the clients. This reduces data traffic to the Internet and returns the data to the clients faster.

Reverse Proxy

The reverse proxy works the other way around and is similar to load balancing. For example, the clients access the Internet without a proxy. A group of web servers is hidden behind a proxy. The web servers are not directly accessible.

The proxy does not forward frequent identical accesses from the Internet to the web server, but works it off itself if it has cached the data.

So a simple load distribution is possible, without expensive or complicated load balancing. Reverse proxies can also prevent unauthorized access.

In another application, the access authorization for multiple servers is handled centrally by a proxy.


  • Faster access to always the same data
  • Cost savings on Internet traffic
  • Integration of virus and spam filters possible

A proxy provides more protection for systems that communicate through a proxy rather than directly to the Internet.

Unnecessary packets from external computers no longer reach the local network because the proxy can only forward accesses from the Internet if an outgoing connection has previously existed.

In addition, a virus filter can be installed on the proxy. To be able to work effectively, every internet access must be done via the proxy. This is achieved by the fact that the default gateway is not the router to the Internet, but an upstream proxy.


  • Cache coherency due to outdated content in the cache
  • Not every application supports proxies
  • There are not proxies for every Internet protocol

The disadvantage of proxies is that a proxy must be installed for each Internet protocol if all the traffic is to be handled via the proxy server.

This means the proxy program must be able to handle all the possible protocols that the Internet has to offer. It’s not enough just to support HTTP to access web servers. Also POP and SMTP for the E-Mail communication must be mastered.

Typically, the programs on the clients must support traffic through a proxy. This is not a problem with simple Internet services, such as WWW and e-mail. But online games and P2P file sharing will be difficult or not work at all.


Proxies have been a means for Internet service providers to save traffic in the early days of the commercial Internet.

At that time, the Internet connections were even slower and more expensive. In addition, many Internet users were still on the road with a modem or ISDN card. To deliver the data faster, proxies have been set up to serve customers faster and save traffic.

Meanwhile, the network expansion of the Internet is designed very generously, so that a proxy offers no benefits.

Exceptions are transitions from local networks to the Internet, where a proxysite is used for security reasons. On the one hand, to limit the possibilities of the users.

And second, to check traffic for malicious content, such as viruses and worms. It’s usually about protecting the local network.

What Are The Major Eye Blindness Symptoms

eye blindness symptoms

Eye Blindness Symptoms

If vision loss develops within minutes to days, it is considered sudden. It may affect single or double eyes, all or part of the field of vision.

Only a small fraction of the visual field is lost (for example, due to a small retinal detachment) may be blurred vision. Other symptoms, such as eye pain, may occur as a result of vision loss.

There are three common causes of sudden loss of vision:

  • The turbidity of normal transparent eye structure
  • Retinal (photosensitive structure at the back of the eye) abnormal
  • Nerve abnormalities (optic nerve and visual pathways) that transmit visual signals from the eye to the brain.

Light is passed through several transparent structures before it is felt by the retina. First, light passes through the cornea (the iris and the clear layer in front of the pupil), then the lens, and then the vitreous (gel-like substance that fills the eyeball).

Most diseases, when they affect the entire eye, cause complete loss of vision, and may also affect only the parts of the eye.

When the visual pathway is damaged

The nerve signals of the left and right eyes are in line with the corresponding optic nerve fibers. The two optic nerves converge at the chiasm.

The nerve signals of the left and right eyes were respectively taken along the corresponding optic nerve fibers.

After convergence at the optic chiasm, the optic nerve fibers were crossed to the opposite side and half were extended to the same side of the brain or hyperopia definition.

Due to this arrangement, the brain receives information through the left and right visual nerves. There are differences in the types of visual fields.

Principles And Causes Of Blindness 

Anything that blocks light in the environment from entering the eye or disturbing nerve impulses from the back to the brain can interfere with vision.

Legal blindness means that even after correction by spectacles or contact lenses, the visual or visual clarity of the eye is 20/200 or worse, or the visual field is limited to less than 20 °.

Many people who are considered legally blind can distinguish between shapes and shadows.

Blindness can occur in the following situations:

  • Light cannot reach the retina.
  • Corneal damage caused by infection, such as keratoconjunctivitis of herpes, or infection caused by long-time contact lenses, causing corneal scarring
  • Vitamin A deficiency leads to dry eyes, corneal softening, etc., corneal scarring occurs
  • Severe trauma damages the cornea leading to corneal turbid scar formation
  • Cataract causes crystal clarity to decrease
  • The light does not focus properly on the retina.
  • Severe refractive errors, frame glasses or contact lenses cannot be corrected.
  • The retina does not sense light properly
  • Retinal detachment
  • Diabetes
  • Macular degeneration
  • Retinitis pigmentosa

History, Origin, And Development Of The Fast Food Industry

In a sense, fast food is regarded as a mark of modern culture. Between different cultures, the contents of fast food are similar.

Modern Fast Food Industry Is Associated With Hamburger

There are stalls selling bread and olive oil in the ancient Roman cities. In East Asia, In the Middle East, it may be a stall selling flat bread, salads, and sandwiches.

The origin of modern fast food is usually associated with Hamburger because the earliest fast-food restaurant was Hamburg as its main product.

The earliest fast-food restaurant was the White Castle in the United States. It appeared in 1921 when the price of a hamburger was five cents.

Later, the White Castle made five small holes in the hamburger patties, which increased the heated surface area, made the meat cooked faster, and the cooking time needed to be was shorter.

White Castle is an ancestor of the fast food industry and has also spawned numerous competitors.

The common point between the two is the use of industrial production, the use of assembly line processing, pre-prepared frozen meals, cooking and delivery of ready-made ingredients, disposable tableware, condiments, etc.

At the same time, meals will be separated for guests to choose their own dishes. 24hr Restaurants Near Me, is characterized by being taken directly from the counter or simply handled and eaten, even heated by a microwave oven.

East style fast food and Western fast food

Unlike western fast foods, Chinese and Japanese fast foods have soup, which is usually eaten using chopsticks and spoons, but it is also common to eat rice wrapped directly. Traditionally, the production of East-style catering is complicated.

When the chef prepares the ingredients for cooking, they often have to sit in the seat for a long time before they can serve. However, fast food does not need to wait for food production time and is efficient.

In the Asian countries, along with the forming society of the 20th century, the modern fast-food eating patterns, such as Chinese snack, Taiwan’s braised pork rice, Hong Kong-style fast food, Japan’s donburi, Korea and other delivery services.

After the 1990s, some of the Oriental fast food companies were dedicated to researching improved dishes, ingredients and cooking methods to make healthy and diversified snack foods and beverages.

Feeding And Selection Of Dogs

How To Select And Feed The Pet Dog. 

In this high-speed, stressful society, if you want to reduce your own pressure and improve your work efficiency, we suggest you try a pet dog, it will bring you a lot of fun, and some will be the effect of treating diseases is, of course, different from person to person.

When you consider a pet dog as your closest friend, however the German Longhaired Pointer is also an ideal dog. you will feel this way. For some elderly people who have no children at home and can be accompanied by lonely old people, you can feed pets and dogs because it can make your life more fulfilling and relieve your sense of loneliness.

Having your own children raise animals can cultivate their sense of responsibility and love for animals.

When your pet dog has been with you for many years, you will treat it as a loved one and cannot bear it.

Dogs can promote better communication and communication between people.

So add a new member to your own family.

The dog can be our most faithful friend. It can be a good talker or a good companion.

Make your life more fulfilling and let yourself have a companion.

Suitable Domestic Pet Dog Breeds

There are thousands of dogs in the world, but they are suitable for family rearing. There are more than 300 kinds of docile dogs.

Types Of Dogs

  1. Tibetan mastiff
  2. huskies,
  3. golden retriever
  4. Samoyed
  5. Labrador
  6. Schnauzer
  7. Chihuahua
  8. German Shepherd
  9. Bichon Frise
  10. Chow Chow
  11. Poodle
  12. Belington
  13. Border Collie
  14. Scottish Shepherd
  15. Toy Poodle.

Tips For Picking Up A Right Dog:

When you buy a dog, don’t immediately pick it up and watch it quietly to observe its actions and postures. Those downcast dogs are not worth buying.

  • Do not choose dogs that are too fat and have a too large belly;
  • Don’t buy hair that is knotted or has hair removal.
  • Do not buy dry nose or a runny nose;
  • Excessive whitening, white or dirty eyeballs, and many eyelid secretions are unhealthy.
  • Don’t buy dogs with the odor on the ear canal, dander on the ear tip, or frequent flings;
  • The gums and tongue ruddy are healthy and do not buy bad breath;
  • Do not buy hard skin and hypertrophy;
  • Pay special attention to the underside of the dog. If “yellow seal” is a sign of recent diarrhea or diarrhea, do not purchase it;
  • Skull, maxilla, mandible, then move along the back of the cervical vertebrae and feel the vertebrae and limbs deformed do not buy;
  • Do not buy foot pads dry and hard;
  • Do not buy a dog that is surprised by a surprise.

Hair Straightener Is The Modern Flat Iron


What Is The Function Of Hair Iron?

hair iron

The smoothing of curly or wavy hair is done by thermal ironing with a hair straightener – also called flat iron. The straightener used to be made of bare iron according to the old scissor-like design.

Its jaws were moderately heated by metered depositing on a stove top. Today hair straighteners are heated electrically.

Temperature Setting Of Hair Iron

The target temperature of 80 to 230 ° C is achieved by adjustable thermostat, but usually by a self-regulating heating element, which accepts mains voltage of 100 to 240 V.

The heated surfaces are from 15 mm × 60 mm in size, the heating power is depending on the size and regulation 25 to 170 W. Switch and possibly existing thermostat knob can be accommodated adjustable in the nipper gap, the power cable hinged.

In most cases, the device is designed like a pair of pliers, with the plier’s jaws being elongate flat hot surfaces of metal (anodized aluminum, possibly additionally lubricious coated) or ceramic.

Working Principle Of Hair Iron

The working principle Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair is as follows: Put and take a strand of hair in the “pliers” and leads the smoother under the pull of the frictional force to the hair tips. The straight stretching under heating has a smoothing effect on the hair.

There are plier’s jaws that must be pressed against gentle suspension constantly with manual force against the strand of hair.

On the other hand, self-closing pliers have a reversed and stronger spring that compresses the hair cheeks and then an inclined lever button that opens on the pressure with index and middle fingers, the jaws to accommodate a new strand.

For the – gentle on the hair roots – gentle function is a low coefficient of friction between – rounded at the edges – baking surfaces and the hair, as well as the manual decrease in press force when the hair strand to the hair strand contains only a lot less hair.

Shaft attachments for the flat jaws have the opposite effect. Some hair straighteners are equipped with comb teeth and with heated, curved outer surfaces that allow the curl of hair.

In addition to the ordinary flat iron, there is the smoothing brush. It is also called a hair straightener brush. The advantage over the straightener is above all the simple application. [1] You brush your hair with it like a regular hairbrush while smoothing it out.

Air Compressor Working Principle

Air compressors are of many types here we discuss some of them and their working principle.

air compressor

Piston-Type Oil-Free Air Compressor Unit

Piston by the oil-free air compressor drive system, compression system, cooling system, lubrication system, control system and security system.

Compressors and motors bolted to the base, the base with anchor bolts fixed on the basis.

During operation, the motor directly drives the crankshaft through the coupling and drives the connecting rod, the cross head and the piston rod so that the piston reciprocates in the cylinder of the compressor to complete the process of inhalation, compression and discharge.

The machine is a double-acting compressor, that is, the piston up and down the air intake, compression and discharge.

Screw Air Compressors

Screw air compressor driven by the screw head, the motor, oil separator barrel, the cooling system, air conditioning system, lubrication system, and a valve control system components.

The machine is installed in a box, self-contained, directly on the flat cement floor can be, without the need to anchor bolts on the foundation.

Screw head is a kind of double-axis displacement rotary compressor head. 1 pair of high-precision main (male), sub (female) rotor mounted horizontally and parallel inside the chassis, the main (male) rotor has 5 teeth, while the Vice (negative) rotor has 6 teeth. The main rotor diameter, deputy rotor diameter is small.

Tooth formation spiral, both inter meshing. Both ends of the main rotor and the auxiliary rotor are respectively positioned by bearings.

Working motor directly through the coupling (or belt) with the main rotor, the two rotors inter mesh with each other, the main rotor directly driven with the deputy rotor rotation.

The coolant is sprayed directly into the rotor meshing part from the nozzle at the lower part of the compressor housing and mixes with the air to remove the heat generated by the compression to achieve the cooling effect.

At the same time, a liquid film is formed to prevent direct contact between the rotor and the metal and to close the gap between the rotor and the casing.


Sprayed coolant also reduces the noise generated by high-speed compression.

The main components of screw air compressor screw head, oil and gas separation barrel. Screw head suction through the suction filter and the intake control valve, while the oil injected into the air compression chamber, the head cooling, sealing and screw and bearing lubrication, the compression chamber produces compressed air.

After compression,  OR best portable air compressor  resulting gas-oil mixture is discharged into the oil-gas separation tank. Most of the oil is separated from the oil-gas mixture due to mechanical centrifugal force and gravity.

Air passes through the oil and gas separation cartridge made of borosilicate glass fiber and almost all of the oil mist is separated. The oil separated from the oil separator is returned to the screw head through the return pipe.

The oil return pipe is equipped with oil filter, oil return through the oil filter, the clean oil flow back to the screw head. After the oil is separated, the compressed air leaves the reservoir through the minimum pressure control valve and enters the after cooler.

After the cooler cooling the compressed air discharged to the gas tank for each gas unit. Condensation of water concentrated in the gas tank, through automatic drainage or manual discharge.