What Are The Major Eye Blindness Symptoms

eye blindness symptoms

Eye Blindness Symptoms

If vision loss develops within minutes to days, it is considered sudden. It may affect single or double eyes, all or part of the field of vision.

Only a small fraction of the visual field is lost (for example, due to a small retinal detachment) may be blurred vision. Other symptoms, such as eye pain, may occur as a result of vision loss.

There are three common causes of sudden loss of vision:

  • The turbidity of normal transparent eye structure
  • Retinal (photosensitive structure at the back of the eye) abnormal
  • Nerve abnormalities (optic nerve and visual pathways) that transmit visual signals from the eye to the brain.

Light is passed through several transparent structures before it is felt by the retina. First, light passes through the cornea (the iris and the clear layer in front of the pupil), then the lens, and then the vitreous (gel-like substance that fills the eyeball).

Most diseases, when they affect the entire eye, cause complete loss of vision, and may also affect only the parts of the eye.

When the visual pathway is damaged

The nerve signals of the left and right eyes are in line with the corresponding optic nerve fibers. The two optic nerves converge at the chiasm.

The nerve signals of the left and right eyes were respectively taken along the corresponding optic nerve fibers.

After convergence at the optic chiasm, the optic nerve fibers were crossed to the opposite side and half were extended to the same side of the brain or hyperopia definition.

Due to this arrangement, the brain receives information through the left and right visual nerves. There are differences in the types of visual fields.

Principles And Causes Of Blindness 

Anything that blocks light in the environment from entering the eye or disturbing nerve impulses from the back to the brain can interfere with vision.

Legal blindness means that even after correction by spectacles or contact lenses, the visual or visual clarity of the eye is 20/200 or worse, or the visual field is limited to less than 20 °.

Many people who are considered legally blind can distinguish between shapes and shadows.

Blindness can occur in the following situations:

  • Light cannot reach the retina.
  • Corneal damage caused by infection, such as keratoconjunctivitis of herpes, or infection caused by long-time contact lenses, causing corneal scarring
  • Vitamin A deficiency leads to dry eyes, corneal softening, etc., corneal scarring occurs
  • Severe trauma damages the cornea leading to corneal turbid scar formation
  • Cataract causes crystal clarity to decrease
  • The light does not focus properly on the retina.
  • Severe refractive errors, frame glasses or contact lenses cannot be corrected.
  • The retina does not sense light properly
  • Retinal detachment
  • Diabetes
  • Macular degeneration
  • Retinitis pigmentosa

What is Benefits and Advantages of Orange Juice?

Oranges are common fruit, a lot of people like to take orange juice drink orange juice, sweet and sour taste good.

In addition to this taste good than it is rich in vitamin C and other rich nutrients can enhance human immunity, has the effect of beauty and anti-cancer.

Orange juice drink orange juice child squeezed through the juicer to get the raw materials, sweet and sour taste, delicious, high nutritional value. Not only adults and children can be directly consumed, but also can not eat food by mouth for the crowd. So, the effect of orange juice What?

1, the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Oranges rich in vitamin C and carotene, can soften and protect the blood vessels, promote blood circulation, but also against carcinogens. Studies have shown that drinking three cups of orange juice a day can increase the body content of high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein in favor of (LDL) excreted. And the orange juice containing flavonoids and lemon factors, can contribute to increase the HDL, thereby reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease to reduce the chance.

2, anti-urinary tract infection. Orange juice can reduce the number of bacteria in the urinary tract, the probability of the occurrence of urinary tract infection is reduced. Vitamin C in orange juice can increase urine acidity, the bacteria can not survive.

3, whitening skin. After washing with a washcloth or cotton pad soaked orange juice wipe the facial skin, then wash with water, either clean the skin, remove grease, but also allows the skin to absorb vitamin C. However, after using cleansing orange avoid sunlight, to prevent blackening.


4, to promote drug absorption. Best Orange juicer contains a substance capable of promoting absorption of the drug, can improve the blood concentration, the better absorption of the drug.

5, add strength orange juice after drinking a lot of physical exertion, which enrich the content of fructose can quickly add strength, high moisture content of more thirst-quenching refreshment.

6, protect the stomach. Orange juice containing natural polysaccharides include pectins. Can promote gastrointestinal tract working properly, pectin and helps clear the air and food together with harmful substances into the body.

Orange juice nutrient content so rich, so powerful effect also, if you now want to drink it immediately? It to act now and juice bar.

Kidney diseases and their solution

Mostly, kidney diseases are not given attention in the media however it is a really serious matter. Expensive drugs are used for its treatment, and it is not guaranteed that they will work properly. In this scenario, the kidney disease solution reviews play a great role in telling the people about the right method. There are many kidney disease solutions available by multiple researchers. It is believed that the power of nature can be helpful in curing these issues. Without the use of any surgery, medication, and dialysis, and kidney disease can be cured.

Working on kidney solutions

This solution works effectively by providing the e-book for the user. The complete process is provided by giving blueprints so that the people can repair kidneys and have healthy, happy life. The kidneys are repaired in this process by hitting all the right areas effectively. Some of the changes made are real, so they provide a high level of the opportunity for survival. Multiple kidney issues are focused in this program ranging from kidney failure to kidney stones. The nutritional facts are considered in the complete program to make it healthy.

Completely natural product

The kidney disease solutions were presented by a nutritionist in which all kind of kidney diseases were treated by using the natural products. All the diseases can be reversed even without the use of dialysis as a treatment. The main motive behind using this way of treatment is to ensure that all the important nutrients are provided to the body. The complete understanding of the reason behind getting any kidney disease will be made clear to the patients to improve their knowledge. In this way, they will focus on special diet to get rid of that particular disease. The permanent remedy will be made for the lifetime and in a completely natural way.

Benefits of these programs

The primary advantage of this system is its completely natural approach as discussed above. Then comes a definite and regular plan for diet. The key elements present in this diet will he;[p the body in healing itself. Better working of kidneys is ensured through the use of this plan. Especially this program provides email support for the people who have subscribed. This support is provided for three months in which any kind of question is welcomed, and satisfactory solutions are provided. There are multiple modifications for the main guide that help a lot in obtaining specific solutions for every problem. The symptoms show how severe the issue is and as a result, the best formula is given.

As a whole, this complete kidney disease solution is a comprehensive program that should be taken by every individual facing any kidney issues. The kidney disease solution reviews show that they provide positive results and it is no harm in taking them because of their organic approach. It is mostly considered by individuals who want to regain health and remove all the kidney diseases up to maximum level.

The Winning Percentage Of HIV Cure

Thirty years ago, all people almost do not understand AIDS, people talk about “Ai” discoloration. At that time the average infection only less than 5 years of survival, not to mention treatment or cure.

With the emergence of “cocktail therapy” and the progress of medical capacity, the lives of infected people have been greatly improved, AIDS is no longer “terminally ill”.

Now where are we going?

hiv cure

Thirty years have passed, and now medicine has been able to well control the AIDS condition, so that infected people’s viral load reduced to undetectable level,

life and quality of life is almost the same as ordinary people In addition, infected people can also have a healthy baby.

But, nevertheless, we still have to take medicine for life on time, and HIV will be with us into the dust, and we can not help asking:

“When to stop?”

“When to cure?”

Redefine “cure”

We often say that there are two levels of cure, that is, functional cure and complete cure

The American AIDS Research Center (amfAR) has given a new definition of the current “cure”. Infected persons need to meet the following three criteria at the same time, can be considered “cured”:
1) able to live a normal, healthy life;

2) can disable antiretroviral therapy or any other HIV-related drugs (maximum difficulty);

3) Do not spread HIV to others.

“HIV Cure (AIDS)” is real


A milestone in the number of cases of Berlin patients and VISCONTI cohort cases. Although there is no copy of the lucky, can not be widely applicable to all infected persons, but these cases do prove that the cure of AIDS has been possible to achieve.

30 years have passed, the scientific community is no longer stay in the discovery and understanding of AIDS at the level, we have a full understanding of AIDS, but also answered a variety of key scientific issues.

Now, we do not have to ask “can not cure” such problems, but to ask “how can we cure”! Now the scientific community is entering a more technical challenge to solve the problem of a new stage. Yes, cure is a technical issue that covers a range of challenges in medicine, management, psychology, and economics.

The Role Of Antidepressants


The following is excerpted from the work of Dr. Huang Yiqian “laughing often open 10 secret” (World Publishing House)
Many of the patients I see, when it comes to doctors prescription antidepressants to them, they are very anxious.

The public and the media have often reported that some of the anti-depressant bad places, but we also can not tell what the specific bad, just think that after eating these drugs will have a problem. Now, let’s talk about what antidepressants are.
Antidepressants are one of a great variety of psychotropic drugs.

But what about antidepressants?

Medical studies have shown that antidepressants are primarily directed against the brain inside the brain transfer material (neurotransmitters) imbalance in the situation.

When it secretes imbalance, our emotions will become volatile, it becomes very easy to bored out from the inside. Our experience with prescription antidepressants has been over sixty years, and the literature points out that eating these medications is effective in making mood decisions. It is quite hard but possible to cure hiv cure.

In other words, antidepressants are not so-called happy drugs, and they will not be happy. After serving the antidepressant, the patient’s mood will fluctuate less and will not feel depressed and gloomy from the bottom of his heart.

He may also be able to enhance his mood and energy so as to enable him to reverse negative thinking. Think of positive thinking and help yourself overcome depression.

So, if someone thinks that just the antidepressant mood will be good, they do not have to do other things, then usually do not have much effect.

To really help themselves, they have to take the drug, when the drug that mood is not so low, they have to take this opportunity to think more positive things and to enhance their emotions, will be more with less.

Antidepressants help with depression and anxiety.

There are many different types of antidepressants on the market today. In general, different types of antidepressants have the same antidepressant effect, and they differ only in their properties, cost and side effects.
Tricyclic in the fifties and sixties began to take, and many different studies have shown that this type of drug can be very effective in improving the mood of depression, but it usually takes more than two weeks to begin to take effect.

This type of drug is a significant antidepressant effect, and the price is very cheap, but also the benefits of sleeping effect, often have insomnia patients, can be said to have two birds with one stone effect.

However, they also have a very obvious side Effects. Common side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, urine is not out, blurred vision, heart rate, sexual affect and so on.

The most worrying is that these drugs will affect the heart function, so that some patients lead to heart rhythm. At the same time, if these drugs take more than the prescription dose, it will pose a considerable risk.

Common are Dothiepin (Prothiaden), Amitriptyline, Doxepin (Sinequan), Imipramine and so on.
Now the most common antidepressant in Hong Kong is the SSRI category. SSRI began in the eighties and nineties was taking. This group of drugs is usually not obvious side effects, even if the misuse of a lot of tablets will not be dangerous to life, and efficacy and the same tricyclic.

Therefore, these drugs have become the mainstream of treatment of depression. Common SSRIs include Fluoxetine (Prozac), Paroxetine (Seroxat), Escitalopram (Lexapro), Citalopram (Cipram) and Sertraline (Zoloft). Patients taking SSRI usually have no serious side effects, a small number of people will have nausea, dizziness, electrolyte sodium will decline and so on.

SSRIs will cause some teenagers to have suicidal thoughts, but these drugs are basically safe in adults and elders.
This is a relatively new drug, the production of pharmaceutical companies say that these drugs can produce a little earlier effect. Common are Venlafexine (Efexor) and Duloxetine (Cymbalta).
This class of drugs is relatively new, and it advertised the advantage that it can make the patient a little sleepy, patients with insomnia may be more appropriate. Common is Mirtazepine (Remeron).
How should we look at antidepressants?
Taking antidepressants can make more than a few emotional improvements. If you do not take antidepressants, personal emotions may be too low, even if they want to help themselves, but also powerless.

Serving antidepressants can at least improve the condition, and in many cases there will be complete recovery.Therefore, because of taboo jealous of medicine and do not accept the treatment of antidepressants, how to say can not be justified.

Some people may worry that these drugs will addiction to the patient. In fact, this will not happen, because these drugs are not dependent.
So how long does it take to take antidepressants to treat depression?

There are many studies that have pointed out that if the patient after taking the drug can be completely cured, 12 to 18 months after they can slowly start the withdrawal.

However, patients with relatively high risk, such as the elderly, who have multiple disease records, may need to take long-term medication to prevent the recurrence of depression.

Speaking of the last sentence, antidepressants can make the mood sick to cure. But how to prescribe this decision, and doctors should discuss in order to achieve the greatest help in depression.

Why I Cannot stop worrying?

Cannot stop worrying?

Everyone has his worries. There is no worry that people can not survive in this competitive metropolis. Without the impetus of anxiety, we can not effectively solve the daily life of the problems encountered. However, if we keep worrying, our lives will not be angry.

Excessive worries will create a lot of pressure, which will have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. Therefore, we must be able to control anxiety, rather than stop all the worries. Our goal of worrying should be to stop the anxiety.

What is excessive anxiety?

The characteristics of excessive anxiety, the following points. Please also note that you have at least two or more points, because then you may have over-worried about the problem.
If you have excessive anxiety, the following will make you more aware of “anxiety”, which can help you to decompression.

Anxiety and pressure

The reason why we worry, often because we think that worry will help us solve the problem. We think that if we keep thinking about one thing, if we are worried about it day and night, it is enough for us to “analyze” and “make decisions”. Keep worrying, repeated care to repeat, to solve the problem does not help.

For some problems that can not be solved, some problems other than manpower control, it is sufficient that we just “analyze” the problem and set our next “decision” with our own attitude and response to this matter. Anxiety will only add to our pressure.
We talk to ourselves in the brain, as one of the main ways we think, and we call this a “self talk”. Over-worried people, their “self-talk” are negative, want to say and repeat and repeat.

This kind of “self-talk” is repeated in the minds of over-worried people, creating the following vicious circle, creating a lot of pressure for them.
Step 1: There is a problem.
Step 2: Generate negative, pessimistic and repetitive self-talk.
Step 3: Generate stress as a physical and psychological response.
Step 4: physical and mental discomfort, people feel more difficult        problems, psychological dark and helpless, deepening the difficulty of the problem.
Step 5: Deepen negative, pessimistic and repetitive “self-talk.”
Step 6: Deepen the pressure response.
Step 7: Strengthen Step 4 and become a vicious circle.

When the vicious circle is established, the anxiety will be kept spinning in the mind, resulting in a sense of pressure, so that physical and psychological harm. Here are a number of different ways to help you stop worrying.
Irrational thought patterns
Many times, we are over-worried, because we have adopted some irrational mode of thinking. As long as we know ourselves, that is committed to those irrational thinking, that sense of pressure will also be reduced.

It is the main reason for the over-apprehension that the adversity is catastrophically inert.
Some hypothetical judgments based on arbitrary facts are particularly worrying.

People who are accustomed to thinking of everything bad will be overly concerned.
The manipulation of external factors
Many external factors (such as weather, environment, luck, that other people’s behavior) are not within the scope of our ability to control. If we are psychologically demanding to be able to control everything, we will be very worried when we encounter such external factors.

In fact, to stop us from worrying too much about the problems caused by these external factors, we suggest two ways: the list of prayers and worries.
The easiest way to deal with worries is to pray. I do not have strong religious beliefs, but I know that prayer is a very effective way to reduce worries. Since people in the world can not control these problems, it is a good idea to rely on the heaven of omnipotence.

Leaving aside the religious point of view, the problem is entrusted to a greater ability than its own power, will be psychologically very comfortable.
List of worries
Facing a series of external worries, the best way to deal with them is to actively surface them. You can try to write down your worries in the heart with a pen and paper and a list of “worries” as follows.

  • There is no money to pay taxes
  • No money also card number
  • “fried squid”
  • They can not keep up
  • Borrowed money from foreign mother
  • To bring her mother to visit relatives

After listing this list of worries, we need to take out the paper again and write a version of “Everything that worries me” with every worry on the list.

The reason you worry. It is very important to write the reasons for your concern with paper and pencil, because only with pen and paper you systematically and objectively analyze each problem.

When you write a paper, you have to force yourself to the next decision, you have to decide whether or not this issue is within your ability to be resolved.

If this problem is resolved within your abilities, you will add a tick to the left of the list of concerns. If it is something you can not solve, add it to the left side of the list of Worries.

Once all the questions on the list have been analyzed and you have written many pages, you will have to look at the items that are ticked and order them according to their importance and urgency.Important row 1, after 2, 3 and so on.

Finally, you look at this list of worries, there are a number of crosses you have to promise not to think about them as much as possible. Until the first one of the deal, you think about the first two of that.

You may ask, a solution before you can deal with the next, will lack efficiency? But this requires me to have a reason. Because the human head can only deal with one thing at a time.

Most people are under great pressure to deal with multiple things at the same time. So when dealing with the problem, “a shop left to play the next shop,” will be much easier to bury.

The focus of the list of concerns is as follows.To himself to answer When your emotions are completely plagued by anxiety, the most Able to help you is: If you can rationalize your worries, you will immediately feel relaxed, no longer allow yourself to do unnecessary closed Yi, you have to learn to ask yourself.

When faced with troubling worries, you have to find ways to Calm down and ask yourself the following questions, and try to find their own answers.Answers to the above questions and answers, the best paper down.

It is a few simple notes, is sufficient. Write down in the psychological equivalent of the implementation, than just “thought φ” good.After the question and answer, you want to talk to yourself again with a rich and encouraging words.

The worst is not going to happen “” I want to relax now, completely decompression! “” Concerned and closed Yi Department can stop! ” In the use of self-talk to alleviate the anxiety of the way, you can close your eyes to some relaxation of their own movement.

To stop worrying, we must use the “stop calling” this skill.Earlier in the sixth chapter has read the “call Halt. “As long as you think of any worrying things, you will then use The above “stop calling” skills, to forget the worry and relax their two goals.

To worry and worry Whenever we encounter difficulties, the heart is full of worries, we will want to have a good friend willing to sit down and listen to our dumping About grievances.

When we have the opportunity to talk about things out of concern, we will feel fun. However, with friends to talk about the role of the mind itself is only general, but if it is not bad, there will be bad side effects.

The reason why people talk with people feel fun, not because the process of solving problems can be worrying .Confusion reduces anxiety because the process of talking helps us analyze the problem and helps us deal with the problem intelligently.

To do this in the right, we talk to the object is very important. This is a good way to help people who are wise, positive and experienced in life and willing to help.

But if your listener does not have the difficulty, and his way of doing things is more negative, irrational, selfish or out of order, talk to him will be self-defeating.If you can not find someone to talk to intelligently, I suggest You find a “friendly but dumb” listener.

A good listener does not need to speak any words, I only need to listen carefully, listen carefully to every word of the countdown, and then talk to those who show concern and comfort, is already enough.

If there is no absolute confidence and necessity, they are less favorable to the views, especially the subjective view.Worried that the overdraft will stop If you have a problem that keeps you worrying for a long time and you can not stop worrying if you are exhausted , You can try the following approach.

If you spend more than half an hour, or even an hour or more, and repeatedly to think about this one to worry you, when you think of tired, anxiety will stop at the same time.

When you do this, you have to throw All your other work and concentrate on your worries and not be distracted.After a while, your head will be tired, and the strong anxiety of the annoyance, when the anxiety will naturally stop.You own a silent from the perspective of psychiatry, one of The highest levels of difficulty is to use “humor” to solve the problem.

However, when a person is worried, they are usually not in the mood to tell jokes. So, you want to do nothing in your idle without worrying about the normal time, long ago to think of some of the most you can lead you to laugh at the scene. These scenarios need to make you smile You save these humor situations in your usual time, and you will be able to cope with your worries when you are disturbed.

How to distinguish between “emotional illness” and “depressed mood”

What is emotional illness?

Emotional disease in recent years, the Chinese-speaking psychiatrist invented a general term, used to replace some of the more resounding and negative sense of the name of some diseases, in order to reduce the negative label effect. Emotional disease refers to some of the depression and anxiety are related to the disease, the most common is depression and anxiety.

However, how do we distinguish between “emotional illness” and normal “depressed mood”?

The so-called “depressed mood” actually has four causes, and therefore there are four categories. In order to effectively control the “depressed mood”, we must know its causes and make targeted improvements.

The first category, “depression” is actually not an abnormal phenomenon. I mean the “unhappy”, “worried anxiety”, “scared”, “stress”, “anger” or “jealousy” that normal people feel every day. These can be said to be normal negative emotions, everyone must have experienced. Sometimes these feelings can be very strong, but this is an indispensable experience of life.

Often, this “normal negative emotion”, no matter how painful it may be, will last only an instant, and will not be lasting and will fade over time.

The second category

It is experienced a major blow or trauma generated after the “depression”, also known as the stress caused by negative emotions.

Loss of loved ones, ill health, death, unemployment, widowhood or other major blows or setbacks can give a person a sense of serious helplessness that can neither be accommodated nor escape, and that some people feel very emotional low.

This feeling is more than the ordinary “unhappy” much more painful and lasting, but also a week seven days and 24 hours a day are extremely low, and how to get rid of it is lingering. A psychiatrist will call this “adjustment disorder.”

These problems, though severe at the beginning, are usually faded over time, and within a few months, with a gradual adaptation to the problem, the feeling of depression will not cure.

Amin open his eyes every day, they resist to work, because he was often vexatious boss. The boss is not subordinate to the management of the subordinate curse, whether done right or wrong, he is insulting to insult people, so he felt he did not have the dignity as a person.

Back home, his heart is often uncomfortable, feel boring and boring. Fortunately, he can work with his wife in the spare time to play around with the unhappy mood behind.

Unfortunately, last week, his wife suddenly died. Amin in the moment without his best partner in this decade, for him is a major blow. Every day he keeps thinking of his wife, every day feels very bad. As soon as he closed his eyes, he remembered every moment with his wife.

Suddenly, his world becomes dark, all fun is all slip away. I have tried not to think of his wife, but the grief is lingering, but also involuntary.
In the above example, Amin all the way since there is the first class of negative emotions, but after his wife’s death, he was the second class of negative emotions plagued.

The third category

“Depression” is associated with the character. Some people feel unhappy over many years, the mood from time to time, and more than a small drop, the degree of unhappiness is affected by the impact of the occasion.

Sometimes, they will be extremely depressed, but when everything goes smoothly, the mood will return to calm, even feel happy. Psychiatrists say this is “dysthymia”, but it can be said to be a “negative mentality.”

We can see it as a kind of personal character and pessimistic thinking caused by long-term negative emotions.
Everyone often said, “Your thoughts, your feelings,” how you look at the size of things that happen to you, determine your feelings at that moment.

If you are used to looking at things optimistically, feel natural will be happy. But if you are pessimistic about everything, you will be doomed for a long time to experience a variety of negative emotions.

Lee felt when a good mother for a lifetime, ask her to do their part to raise their children to become useful.She does not understand why her four children will be weak with her feelings.

She often complains about her children’s affinity and indifferent attitude, and sometimes even far from seeing her will be avoided. Her relationship with his wife is even more wrong.

However, Li Tai’s daughter-in-law has a different view. In fact, her children are good for her, often visit her, but also give her enough financial support.

However, Lee is still too dissatisfied. She often compared her children to the children of other people. She could not see the benefits of her children, but she liked to compare the strengths of her children with those of others.

She saw the children will criticize them not all, but also With his non-stop complaining, said to himself miserable. In the face of life’s setbacks, Lee will look at the problem of negative, used to looking for the wrong place, but also used to blame and blame.

So, setbacks, Li Tai will feel anything wrong. However, in order to see Li Tai, she was with any ordinary person is not different, and even some people will think she is in the enjoyment of their children.Obviously, Lee is also the third class of negative emotions.

The fourth category

“Depression” is the genesis with physical, it is a disease, that is, we say “mood disorder.” “Emotional illness” includes “depressive disorder”, and the person suffering from the disease will be fully affected by the disease, the daily life and work requirements will not be able to adapt.

People who suffer from depression have lost interest in things around them , Except for a serious, persistent and lingering depression. They are completely lost interest in things they like to do before.

Previously like to play mahjong, even now open set. Appointed the foot, do not want to play cards. Always like to sing, even to go to the karaoke OK also can not mention vigorously singing.

They become unwilling to go out, often feel extreme emptiness, from time to time have focused on the difficulties. In addition, they will have the following symptoms, such as insomnia, no appetite, loss of self-concentration, self-blame, suicidal tendencies.

The more symptoms, the more serious the cause of “emotional illness” is that physiology is greater than psychology. The common “physiological factors” can simply be seen as a kind of endocrine imbalance within the body caused by emotional effects.

For example, when the level of serotonin in the brain changes, it can be difficult to control emotional ups and downs, making it easy to be depressed or anxious.

This is of course a simplification of the complex issues, but the fact is that most of this type of emotional problems can be cured after taking the medication, and many seemingly psychological causes of problems in the medication can be satisfactorily resolved.

In six months ago, Mary is an easy-going and active OL, every day of her work. However, in recent months, she seems to have leaked gas every day, completely lost all the energy of all things are not interested in, can not concentrate on doing anything.

No matter how she tried to bring the spirit of her every moment she still feels very unhappy, for all things are dark, but she can not find the cause.Mary really could not figure out why.

She just knows that all the things that happen around are bad, but she does not understand why she thinks so. At night, she can not sleep, or often have a nightmare.

During the day, she often felt that she was living to death. For no reason, Mary twenty-four hours a day has been the feeling of terror and suffering, but also no idea how to escape from this hell.

What Is Dementia?

For some people, the word Reminiscent of scary “crazy” behavior, and out of control Of thinking. In fact, the word dementia is described in a group of symptoms include short-term memory loss, confusion, and problem-solving Inability to complete multi-step activities, such as preparing a meal Or balance the check book, and sometimes, the character changes or unusual behavior.

What does dementia mean?

When people have dementia can not explain why he has these symptoms. For example, some people have a fever and high temperature and can not explain the reason or why this person is sick. Memorial Day 2017

Does memory loss indicate dementia?

We often hear that old people’s face memory problems, But we know that severe memory loss is not normal aging steps and can not be ignored. Family members often think that people ‘s amnesia is the cause of dementia. In many cases, it is willing to be dementia. But has it’s his reasons can cause memory and cognitive ability to decline, by gradually can not adapt to society slowly. These factors can affect young and old aged people. Diagnosis is a must.

Various factors can cause reversible dementia. These include drugs Interaction, depression, vitamin deficiency and thyroid dysplasia often. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, leading to symptom improvement.

What is dementia?

The most common irreversible or degenerative dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Although many other types of degenerative nature Dyspepsia is similar to Zhai dementia, there are unique or not the same features that require special attention and different treatments.

Reversible And irreversible dementia are described in detail below Looking for diagnostic attention The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s requires a complete medical and nerve Psychological evaluation. The first step is to find out if there is cognitive ability Gradual decline and more dangerous.

The next step is to see why Appropriate to know the material so that patients and health care workers in the plan. The medical assessment of patients with dementia includes the following? History review or symptom onset.

The following questions occurred

  • What symptoms have occurred?
  • What are the symptoms first?
  • Disease How long has the presence?
  • The daily activities of patients with Impact?

Because the patient may not be able to review the disease accurately, the sequence may be underestimated by the symptoms, taking care of the need accompany the patient and provide information to the doctor or nurse.

The risk of dementia increases or is identified to cause cognitive energyThe power drops in the drug. It is important to accompany the patient can accurately provide this information.

Neurological examination. Neurological examination was performed to identify other classes, type of Alzheimer’s symptoms or other conditions can be increased plus cognitive decline in risk, such as stroke or fear Free Web Proxy

Laboratory inspection.

To exclude the lack of vitamins or various generations Xie disease. Although not common, vitamin deficiency, Infection or hormone imbalance can cause cognitive symptoms. Proxy Sites

These include thyroid imbalance, vitamin B12, and plum poison. Also, some laboratory tests can indicate dementia

Risk factors such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure

Brain imaging. Computer (CT) scan or magnetic resonance

MRI (MRI) can check the anatomy of the brain to look for

What causes cognitive changes, such as stroke or brain

Tumor. This imaging can also measure brain size and blood

The tube changes can be monitored over time.

This pen and paper test evaluation thinking process includes memory,

Language, problem solving and judgment. Results comparison

Patient education and race to the same age population to decide

Those who have problems and how dangerous.

In recent years, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease more precisely,

Experts can analyze large amounts of data to determine if there are a problem and multiple, and even find out the reasons for Alzheimer’s disease.

The decision to diagnose takes the time to monitor or multiple causes simultaneously exist. Determination of whether the reversible or irreversible.

Reversible dementia

A variety of diseases and disorders of the elderly can cause mental retardation. Conditions and drug reactions can cause changes in the state of the deity known as “pseudo-dementia.” Medical tests can find out what reasons for the existence of reverse, for example:

Drug reaction. Most common. Doctors should be tested

All medications, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and Herbal medicine to reduce the side effects of the drug performance.

Endocrine abnormalities. Thyroid abnormalities, parathyroid Glandular abnormalities, and adrenal dysfunction to simulate senile dementia, metabolic disorders. Kidney and liver failure, liver and pancreatic disease caused by electrolyte imbalance (Blood Test), low blood sugar, high blood calcium, leading to confusion Loss of appetite, sleep and mood change emotional distress. Depression or life changes, such as Retirement, divorce or loss of dear people can be affected the physical and mental health of individuals. Should inform the doctor.

The first life stressful event. Visual and auditory. Visual acuity and hearing impairment can lead the results of inappropriate reactions are misinterpreted. Should be hearing and visual examination.

? infection. Confusion is a symptom of urinary tract infection

which performed. Should inform the doctor.

? Nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin B deficiency (folic acid,

Niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine) to cause recognition

Known obstacles.

Degenerative (irreversible) dementia

If the patient is not clear to have irreversible or degenerative dementia

Are reversible dementia, the patient’s family, and medical staff have to find out

Etiology. This will ensure that patients will receive appropriate treatment and Nursing, family can also plan and find adequate support and care.

. The following are the most common degenerative dementias:

? Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the most

Common dementia, especially over the age of 65, though

However, the disease can also occur in young people. Alzheimer

The syndrome affects about 50% of patients in the 85-year-old. The study

mission accomplished. When the symptoms suddenly appear, the patient usually

Experienced a stroke. For others, for others

Slow progression of function and thought.

Dementia with Lewy

Bodies / DLB). Dementia with Lewy bodies is a gradual

Progressive degenerative disease shares with Alzheimer’s disease

And symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. DLB cognitive function wave

Emotional damage and have motor abnormalities and Parkinson’s disease.