The Non-Allergic Cats For Allergy Sufferer

non allergic cats

Cats For Allergy Sufferers

You would love to have a little kitty for petting and loving, but the friend or the child has a cat hair allergy. After all, every person suffers from an animal allergy. But the Non Allergic Cats luck does not have to stand in the way.

First of all, it’s not the hair that many respond to with sneezing, rash, itchy eyes, watery eyes, or swelling of the eyelids. They are proteins (so-called allergens like the Fel d 1) that are found in the dander, saliva and tears of cuddly tigers. Due to the intensive grooming of cats, they get on the coat and hair loss in the air, on the sofa, on the clothes and finally in the nose.

Despite perfect hygiene: the contamination cannot be prevented one hundred percent, but only reduced to a minimum. Anyone wishing to have a tiger tucked into the home despite having an allergic nose will therefore be better advised to flirt with special breeds that naturally have few to no allergens. Because: Yes, there are cats for allergy sufferers!

  1. German Rex cat / Cornish Rex / Selkirk Rex

The Rex cat is said to produce fewer proteins than other cat breeds and lose less coat. Therefore, it is ideal for allergy sufferers. She is very active and adorable. In addition, they are the cheapest among allergy-friendly tigers.

  1. Sphinx cat

The nude cat, born without fur, not only produces less allergens, but also wears no hair overalls on which she could distribute them.

  1. Siberian cat

The half-long hair cat is a cuddly water rat – which facilitates the regular cleaning and release of allergens on the coat.

  1. Bengal cat

Also, the Bengal cat is one of the breeds, in which a lower allergen production is proven. She is an American tabby bred from a wildcat and a domestic cat. The Bengal is therefore very active and freedom-loving.

  1. Allergic cat

The American-bred Allergic cats are said to stop producing the allergenic protein. Therefore, it is one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Generally, allergy sufferers should choose female or alternatively neutered kittens. They form less Fel d 1 than male, potent hangovers. In addition, younger cats develop less allergens than sexually mature baby tigers, hangovers are generally more allergenic than cats, short-haired cats allergen than half and long-haired cats, and black and dark have more allergens than light-haired representatives.

However, here too, a petting kit that works like an antihistamine with an anti-snuff guarantee does not exist. Since only one helps, if the cat dream is to come true without a rude awakening: sucking, sucking, and sucking.

Useful tips for a niesfreien household

“Do I have to keep the apartment especially clean if sweetheart is allergic?” Yes. It is not a cure for animal hair allergy. But the fewer hairs fly around, the less allergens can get into your nose and eyes. A good vacuum cleaner is therefore the nuts and bolts to tackle the stubborn coat on clothing, couch and floor textiles. The renunciation of carpet and replacement by laminate, parquet, tiles simplifies cleaning. In addition, special hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners are available with a HEPA filter.

In addition, there are allergen-impermeable duvet covers (because even a prohibition of cats in the bedroom does not protect against brought cat hair in bed).

Miezi can also be washed with a special allergy shampoo that removes allergenic dandruff, sweat, saliva and urine in the coat and deep cleanses it. However, the beloved four-legged about this, unsurprisingly, will be anything but pleased.

The best prevention against sneezing, eye itching & Co. is the so-called Taster Test. BEFORE purchasing, mind you. For this, ask the breeder or the shelter if you can visit the desired velvet paw in advance to see if you get a runny nose and / or itchy eyes after getting in contact with her.

Do you react allergic and in which intensity?

Allergists know the advice and, in addition to suitable therapies (such as an individual hypo sensitization, which is to make immune against exactly the hair of your kitty) also recommend other hypoallergenic cat (as allergy cat are also called) fit individually.

Feeding And Selection Of Dogs

How To Select And Feed The Pet Dog. 

In this high-speed, stressful society, if you want to reduce your own pressure and improve your work efficiency, we suggest you try a pet dog, it will bring you a lot of fun, and some will be the effect of treating diseases is, of course, different from person to person.

When you consider a pet dog as your closest friend, however the German Longhaired Pointer is also an ideal dog. you will feel this way. For some elderly people who have no children at home and can be accompanied by lonely old people, you can feed pets and dogs because it can make your life more fulfilling and relieve your sense of loneliness.

Having your own children raise animals can cultivate their sense of responsibility and love for animals.

When your pet dog has been with you for many years, you will treat it as a loved one and cannot bear it.

Dogs can promote better communication and communication between people.

So add a new member to your own family.

The dog can be our most faithful friend. It can be a good talker or a good companion.

Make your life more fulfilling and let yourself have a companion.

Suitable Domestic Pet Dog Breeds

There are thousands of dogs in the world, but they are suitable for family rearing. There are more than 300 kinds of docile dogs.

Types Of Dogs

  1. Tibetan mastiff
  2. huskies,
  3. golden retriever
  4. Samoyed
  5. Labrador
  6. Schnauzer
  7. Chihuahua
  8. German Shepherd
  9. Bichon Frise
  10. Chow Chow
  11. Poodle
  12. Belington
  13. Border Collie
  14. Scottish Shepherd
  15. Toy Poodle.

Tips For Picking Up A Right Dog:

When you buy a dog, don’t immediately pick it up and watch it quietly to observe its actions and postures. Those downcast dogs are not worth buying.

  • Do not choose dogs that are too fat and have a too large belly;
  • Don’t buy hair that is knotted or has hair removal.
  • Do not buy dry nose or a runny nose;
  • Excessive whitening, white or dirty eyeballs, and many eyelid secretions are unhealthy.
  • Don’t buy dogs with the odor on the ear canal, dander on the ear tip, or frequent flings;
  • The gums and tongue ruddy are healthy and do not buy bad breath;
  • Do not buy hard skin and hypertrophy;
  • Pay special attention to the underside of the dog. If “yellow seal” is a sign of recent diarrhea or diarrhea, do not purchase it;
  • Skull, maxilla, mandible, then move along the back of the cervical vertebrae and feel the vertebrae and limbs deformed do not buy;
  • Do not buy foot pads dry and hard;
  • Do not buy a dog that is surprised by a surprise.