Hair Straightener Is The Modern Flat Iron


What Is The Function Of Hair Iron?

hair iron

The smoothing of curly or wavy hair is done by thermal ironing with a hair straightener – also called flat iron. The straightener used to be made of bare iron according to the old scissor-like design.

Its jaws were moderately heated by metered depositing on a stove top. Today hair straighteners are heated electrically.

Temperature Setting Of Hair Iron

The target temperature of 80 to 230 ° C is achieved by adjustable thermostat, but usually by a self-regulating heating element, which accepts mains voltage of 100 to 240 V.

The heated surfaces are from 15 mm × 60 mm in size, the heating power is depending on the size and regulation 25 to 170 W. Switch and possibly existing thermostat knob can be accommodated adjustable in the nipper gap, the power cable hinged.

In most cases, the device is designed like a pair of pliers, with the plier’s jaws being elongate flat hot surfaces of metal (anodized aluminum, possibly additionally lubricious coated) or ceramic.

Working Principle Of Hair Iron

The working principle Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair is as follows: Put and take a strand of hair in the “pliers” and leads the smoother under the pull of the frictional force to the hair tips. The straight stretching under heating has a smoothing effect on the hair.

There are plier’s jaws that must be pressed against gentle suspension constantly with manual force against the strand of hair.

On the other hand, self-closing pliers have a reversed and stronger spring that compresses the hair cheeks and then an inclined lever button that opens on the pressure with index and middle fingers, the jaws to accommodate a new strand.

For the – gentle on the hair roots – gentle function is a low coefficient of friction between – rounded at the edges – baking surfaces and the hair, as well as the manual decrease in press force when the hair strand to the hair strand contains only a lot less hair.

Shaft attachments for the flat jaws have the opposite effect. Some hair straighteners are equipped with comb teeth and with heated, curved outer surfaces that allow the curl of hair.

In addition to the ordinary flat iron, there is the smoothing brush. It is also called a hair straightener brush. The advantage over the straightener is above all the simple application. [1] You brush your hair with it like a regular hairbrush while smoothing it out.