How to distinguish between “emotional illness” and “depressed mood”

What is emotional illness?

Emotional disease in recent years, the Chinese-speaking psychiatrist invented a general term, used to replace some of the more resounding and negative sense of the name of some diseases, in order to reduce the negative label effect. Emotional disease refers to some of the depression and anxiety are related to the disease, the most common is depression and anxiety.

However, how do we distinguish between “emotional illness” and normal “depressed mood”?

The so-called “depressed mood” actually has four causes, and therefore there are four categories. In order to effectively control the “depressed mood”, we must know its causes and make targeted improvements.

The first category, “depression” is actually not an abnormal phenomenon. I mean the “unhappy”, “worried anxiety”, “scared”, “stress”, “anger” or “jealousy” that normal people feel every day. These can be said to be normal negative emotions, everyone must have experienced. Sometimes these feelings can be very strong, but this is an indispensable experience of life.

Often, this “normal negative emotion”, no matter how painful it may be, will last only an instant, and will not be lasting and will fade over time.

The second category

It is experienced a major blow or trauma generated after the “depression”, also known as the stress caused by negative emotions.

Loss of loved ones, ill health, death, unemployment, widowhood or other major blows or setbacks can give a person a sense of serious helplessness that can neither be accommodated nor escape, and that some people feel very emotional low.

This feeling is more than the ordinary “unhappy” much more painful and lasting, but also a week seven days and 24 hours a day are extremely low, and how to get rid of it is lingering. A psychiatrist will call this “adjustment disorder.”

These problems, though severe at the beginning, are usually faded over time, and within a few months, with a gradual adaptation to the problem, the feeling of depression will not cure.

Amin open his eyes every day, they resist to work, because he was often vexatious boss. The boss is not subordinate to the management of the subordinate curse, whether done right or wrong, he is insulting to insult people, so he felt he did not have the dignity as a person.

Back home, his heart is often uncomfortable, feel boring and boring. Fortunately, he can work with his wife in the spare time to play around with the unhappy mood behind.

Unfortunately, last week, his wife suddenly died. Amin in the moment without his best partner in this decade, for him is a major blow. Every day he keeps thinking of his wife, every day feels very bad. As soon as he closed his eyes, he remembered every moment with his wife.

Suddenly, his world becomes dark, all fun is all slip away. I have tried not to think of his wife, but the grief is lingering, but also involuntary.
In the above example, Amin all the way since there is the first class of negative emotions, but after his wife’s death, he was the second class of negative emotions plagued.

The third category

“Depression” is associated with the character. Some people feel unhappy over many years, the mood from time to time, and more than a small drop, the degree of unhappiness is affected by the impact of the occasion.

Sometimes, they will be extremely depressed, but when everything goes smoothly, the mood will return to calm, even feel happy. Psychiatrists say this is “dysthymia”, but it can be said to be a “negative mentality.”

We can see it as a kind of personal character and pessimistic thinking caused by long-term negative emotions.
Everyone often said, “Your thoughts, your feelings,” how you look at the size of things that happen to you, determine your feelings at that moment.

If you are used to looking at things optimistically, feel natural will be happy. But if you are pessimistic about everything, you will be doomed for a long time to experience a variety of negative emotions.

Lee felt when a good mother for a lifetime, ask her to do their part to raise their children to become useful.She does not understand why her four children will be weak with her feelings.

She often complains about her children’s affinity and indifferent attitude, and sometimes even far from seeing her will be avoided. Her relationship with his wife is even more wrong.

However, Li Tai’s daughter-in-law has a different view. In fact, her children are good for her, often visit her, but also give her enough financial support.

However, Lee is still too dissatisfied. She often compared her children to the children of other people. She could not see the benefits of her children, but she liked to compare the strengths of her children with those of others.

She saw the children will criticize them not all, but also¬†With his non-stop complaining, said to himself miserable. In the face of life’s setbacks, Lee will look at the problem of negative, used to looking for the wrong place, but also used to blame and blame.

So, setbacks, Li Tai will feel anything wrong. However, in order to see Li Tai, she was with any ordinary person is not different, and even some people will think she is in the enjoyment of their children.Obviously, Lee is also the third class of negative emotions.

The fourth category

“Depression” is the genesis with physical, it is a disease, that is, we say “mood disorder.” “Emotional illness” includes “depressive disorder”, and the person suffering from the disease will be fully affected by the disease, the daily life and work requirements will not be able to adapt.

People who suffer from depression have lost interest in things around them , Except for a serious, persistent and lingering depression. They are completely lost interest in things they like to do before.

Previously like to play mahjong, even now open set. Appointed the foot, do not want to play cards. Always like to sing, even to go to the karaoke OK also can not mention vigorously singing.

They become unwilling to go out, often feel extreme emptiness, from time to time have focused on the difficulties. In addition, they will have the following symptoms, such as insomnia, no appetite, loss of self-concentration, self-blame, suicidal tendencies.

The more symptoms, the more serious the cause of “emotional illness” is that physiology is greater than psychology. The common “physiological factors” can simply be seen as a kind of endocrine imbalance within the body caused by emotional effects.

For example, when the level of serotonin in the brain changes, it can be difficult to control emotional ups and downs, making it easy to be depressed or anxious.

This is of course a simplification of the complex issues, but the fact is that most of this type of emotional problems can be cured after taking the medication, and many seemingly psychological causes of problems in the medication can be satisfactorily resolved.

In six months ago, Mary is an easy-going and active OL, every day of her work. However, in recent months, she seems to have leaked gas every day, completely lost all the energy of all things are not interested in, can not concentrate on doing anything.

No matter how she tried to bring the spirit of her every moment she still feels very unhappy, for all things are dark, but she can not find the cause.Mary really could not figure out why.

She just knows that all the things that happen around are bad, but she does not understand why she thinks so. At night, she can not sleep, or often have a nightmare.

During the day, she often felt that she was living to death. For no reason, Mary twenty-four hours a day has been the feeling of terror and suffering, but also no idea how to escape from this hell.