What is Benefits and Advantages of Orange Juice?

Oranges are common fruit, a lot of people like to take orange juice drink orange juice, sweet and sour taste good.

In addition to this taste good than it is rich in vitamin C and other rich nutrients can enhance human immunity, has the effect of beauty and anti-cancer.

Orange juice drink orange juice child squeezed through the juicer to get the raw materials, sweet and sour taste, delicious, high nutritional value. Not only adults and children can be directly consumed, but also can not eat food by mouth for the crowd. So, the effect of orange juice What?

1, the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Oranges rich in vitamin C and carotene, can soften and protect the blood vessels, promote blood circulation, but also against carcinogens. Studies have shown that drinking three cups of orange juice a day can increase the body content of high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein in favor of (LDL) excreted. And the orange juice containing flavonoids and lemon factors, can contribute to increase the HDL, thereby reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease to reduce the chance.

2, anti-urinary tract infection. Orange juice can reduce the number of bacteria in the urinary tract, the probability of the occurrence of urinary tract infection is reduced. Vitamin C in orange juice can increase urine acidity, the bacteria can not survive.

3, whitening skin. After washing with a washcloth or cotton pad soaked orange juice wipe the facial skin, then wash with water, either clean the skin, remove grease, but also allows the skin to absorb vitamin C. However, after using cleansing orange avoid sunlight, to prevent blackening.


4, to promote drug absorption. Best Orange juicer contains a substance capable of promoting absorption of the drug, can improve the blood concentration, the better absorption of the drug.

5, add strength orange juice after drinking a lot of physical exertion, which enrich the content of fructose can quickly add strength, high moisture content of more thirst-quenching refreshment.

6, protect the stomach. Orange juice containing natural polysaccharides include pectins. Can promote gastrointestinal tract working properly, pectin and helps clear the air and food together with harmful substances into the body.

Orange juice nutrient content so rich, so powerful effect also, if you now want to drink it immediately? It to act now and juice bar.