Why the phone is installed when the game shows the application is not installed

1, the first idea is that the system has residual program may not be removed clean can not be installed, so use RE browser search program related keywords, find all the relevant files and directories are deleted, and then restart and then install the program, the result Invalid;
2, think of a backup before, so open the titanium backup, find the relevant software, restore: the first choice is the program + data, restore failed, and then select a separate restore procedure, suggesting that the restore was successful, but not in the system See restore the successful program, so fooled (here I did not try to restart the system, do not know if the reboot after restore will not be effective, interested friends can try ha ~);
3, no way, only To Google, the first to find is the most successful way: [Storage mode connected to a computer or use Root Explorer to find the SD card directory. Android_secure folder, there should be a smdl2tmp1.asec, it may be other names, In short and the normal program naming format is obviously not the same file, delete, try again to install the software But I either system or SD card can not find the relevant directories and files, so this method is completely useless to me;
4, the second method: [If you are prompted to install the application fails on the PC side, please check Did not install the corresponding Android phone USB driver , the general use of 91 cell phone assistant or pea clip will automatically help you install the phone driver], I was the phone side tips failed, and my driver is properly installed, the pea pods are used properly, so this
Has nothing to do with me; 5, the third method: [View phone settings – application – unknown source is checked, otherwise it will lead to some non-electronic market applications can not be installed], I checked, so this I have nothing to do;
6, the fourth method: [with the system comes with the program management view SD card on the program, some programs turned out to be no color icon, the original is that these no icon software in trouble, these no icon software Is some of the previous is not properly installed or uninstall incomplete software data, if you install error will be reported, and now we use the system comesSoftware management to uninstall them clean, install the software again will not go wrong], but I use the system comes with the program management even any icon can not see, so this method is useless to me;

8, the sixth method: [upgrade installed programs prompt “application is not installed” a small part of the software upgrade will appear, you can only uninstall Out of the old version, and then install the new version], I simply can not find the uninstall, so useless;
9, the seventh method: [in the Settings – Development – to allow simulation sites tick, OK music] or a useless;
10, eighth method: [mobile phone connected to the computer and then open 91 mobile assistant , just install an application, select the installation path for the phone memory], I was 2.1 system software is installed in the original “within “In, so this is useless;
9th Method Download lucky patcher apk from apk sites and open and install and then restart the phone;
12, the tenth method: [direct factory reset ], which is a way I do not want to do, in theory, it should be effective.
After all the above attempts, the problem still can not be solved, that depressed, do I have to restore the factory? Hesitate again and again, have begun to prepare reloading, the results in the search for Andrews systemThe installation of the principle when I actually found a way to solve the problem that has troubled me for a long time, let’s look at the solution below:
In fact , the installation of the Android system is to copy the APK file to the APP directory and give permission , The backup is also the APK files and related data files copied out, in accordance with this principle, I did the following:
1, first download the application APK installation package on the SD card;
2, the APK file renamed com.xxx .xxx.apk (compared to the system directory under the APP file name)
3, into the app folder will modify the permissions after the installation
4, still “program is not installed”
At this point, all possible solutions to try to solve the solution: Decisively give up the software!
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